Our Policies

At the Sonshine Patch, we aim to create an organized and safe environment for every family. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures of the Sonshine Patch Preschool.

Classes run September through May and will follow approximately the same Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter vacation schedules as the Janesville Public Schools.
Tuition is due for the following month by the 25th day of the preceding month. Fees have been averaged and are the same each month. It will be your responsibility to pay them by the 25th. You may mail the fees to New Life Assembly of God or pin the envelope to your child’s backpack. Reminders of fees due will be put on the notice board outside and also in newsletters. September fees will be due July 25th, not August 25th. This enables us to finalize our budget for the upcoming school year.

Because of expenses that must be paid on time and limited budget, fees must also be paid on time. If circumstances prevent fees from being paid by the due date in a particular month, the director must be notified in advance of the due date and a payment date must be agreed upon. If the director is not notified by the due date and the fees are not paid on time, a late fee may be assessed.

If a check payment is returned for non-sufficient funds or closed account, a $25.00 fee will be assessed and all future payments shall be made in cash or cashier’s check.

All checks should be made payable to The Sonshine Patch. If you send cash, please be sure it is in a sealed envelope with your child’s name on it.

Since our expenses are fixed, no refunds can be given for a child’s absence on days when school is in session. If circumstances should occur that require you to withdraw your child, you must notify the director at least two weeks in advance. No refund of fees is guaranteed.

Special Sonbeam
Each week, we will be picking a Sonbeam in each preschool class. They will be chosen by drawing names, but so often it seems that God must have a hand in picking just the right child who needs a special boost that week. The “Special Sonbeams” will get to carry the Special Sonbeam bag instead of their regular backpack or schoolbag. Our special Sonbeams will be our line leaders for their week and get to sit on the “sunshine” in the middle of our classroom rug as well as have the blue or purple cup for snack. They will also be invited to bring in items about themselves that they can keep in a special Sonbeam bin at school and share with children at school (i.e., favorite toy, book, blankie, baby pictures). We encourage other children to bring something to make the Sonbeams feel special. This could be a special rock, picture, piece of gum, candy or treat and to pray for the special Sonbeams each week.
When you bring your child to preschool, please drive in the circle drive. The teachers will come to each car and bring each child into the school. If you wish to bring your child into school or visit the classroom, please park in the parking lot. For your child’s safety, please have your child leave the car from the passenger side and do not drop off your child until a teacher is at the door (9:00 a.m.). Children within walking distance must be accompanied to and from the preschool by a parent or another authorized adult. Please do not bring your child to preschool before the scheduled time. To arrive early deprives teachers of essential preparation time. If you do arrive early, you may park in the parking lot and wait with your child until preschool time.
You will be required to complete and sign a form listing all people authorized to pick up your child from school. This includes relatives, friends and carpool parents. If this list changes at any time during the year, you must come in and add or delete names. Alternatively, you may send a signed note telling us to do so. For your child’s safety, he/she will not be released to any one not on the authorized list. If, as a one-day occurrence, your child will be going home with another parent or adult not on your authorized list, we must have a written and signed note from you authorizing this. A phone call will not be considered authorization.

Children are dismissed by the teacher one at a time as your car reaches the front of the line. To help us shorten long waits, each parent will be provided with a dismissal card on which you should print your child’s name in bold letters. Display this as you drive up in the circle drive to pick up your child. After you have picked up your child, please pull forward to fasten safety belts, so the line can move faster.

In order to keep the system running smoothly, please try to avoid coming to the school door to get your child unless you have a concern you would like to discuss with the teacher. In this case, you may need to wait until the drive-ups are completed. If the line is long and you are unable to wait and must come in and pick up your child, please park in the parking lot and do not take your child until the teacher is aware that you are doing so.

Dismissal Name Cards
To help us shorten long waits and recognize which car belongs to which child, we are asking you to print your child’s name in dark letters on a large piece of cardboard or tag board and display it in the passenger door window or front window as you drive up. (Car pool drivers, print your child’s name alone on one side. On the other side, put all carpool children–including yours–in the event that you may sometimes pick up only your child). You may wish to provide other authorized persons (from your list) with another card for when they pick up your child.


A daily snack midway through the class session will be provided by parents. Sometimes we will provide a snack to coordinate with our theme or do a cooking activity with the children. Please keep us informed of any food allergies or special dietary restrictions.
Illnesses & Accidents
An informal health check will be made by teachers as each child arrives. Your child should not attend school if he/she has had a fever, vomiting or diarrhea within the last 24 hours. In the event of head lice, Sonshine Patch has a “no nit” policy, regardless of shampoo or other treatments.

If you are planning to keep your child home from school, please call the school and speak with a teacher or leave a message. If your child has a contagious disease, such as chicken pox or lice, your child obviously cannot attend school; and, you are required to notify the school so that other parents may be notified of possible exposure to their child.

If a child becomes ill at school, he/she will be separated from classmates and the parent, or emergency contact person, will be notified as soon as the illness is discovered. You must then make arrangements to pick up your child.

No medication will be given by staff. In extreme cases, an exception may be made at the discretion of the director, provided a signed, dated and written authorization of the parent is on file.

In case of accident or injury, superficial, minor wounds will be cleaned with soap and water and treated with first aid supplies at school. If the child needs to be seen by a doctor, you will be notified (or your emergency contact person, in the event you can not be reached) as soon as possible. The child will then be transported to Mercy Hospital Emergency/Urgent Care by a staff member, yourself or an ambulance.

Please make sure emergency contact numbers are listed and correct and personal cell phone numbers are listed, if available. Please keep us informed of any changed numbers or information.

Toilet Policies
All children who attend Sonshine Patch are required to be toilet trained. We do have some extra clothing on hand at school in case of wetting accidents. However, if your child should have a bowel movement accident, you (or your emergency contact person) will be called to come and get him/her. We are not equipped as a daycare for changing children and, for health and safety reasons, cannot deal with this situation.
We celebrate the children’s birthdays at preschool with a birthday “vest” and an opportunity to pick a prize from the birthday basket. At the beginning of each month, notes will be sent home to let you know what day we will celebrate your child’s birthday. Birthday treats may be sent to celebrate your child’s birthday. We encourage you to send non-food items. August birthdays are celebrated in September and June and July birthdays are celebrated in May.
Parent/Teacher conferences will be held twice a year (fall and spring) to discuss your child’s adjustment, growth and development. We have child evaluation sheets that we share with you at that time to let you know what we have been working on and how your child is progressing. If, at any other time, you are concerned about your child in school, please call. We encourage exchange of information about your child, between parents and teachers, and find it helpful to teachers, parents and children.
Snowstorms & Inclement Weather
In case of severe weather, school closings will be announced on Janesville radio station WCLO, and you will be emailed. If Janesville Public Schools close, we will close, also. There will be no make-up days for snow days.
We encourage parents to dress their children in play clothes so that they may feel comfortable experiencing the many types of activities available. We do provide paint shirts for messy activities, but sometimes active little hands and arms get carried away. So, it is wise to dress them in something that is okay to get dirty. Please do not send your child to school in clothing that makes it difficult or impossible to use the bathroom without assistance (i.e., pantskirts or bib overalls with suspenders or pants with difficult snaps or zippers).

We encourage children to accept responsibility for hanging up their own outdoor clothing on hooks. Also we try to encourage children to develop independence in putting on and zipping their own coats. We will help if they need help, but we do encourage them to try. It is helpful if you try this as well to maintain a consistency of expectations.

Your child will need a large school bag for artwork and home notes. It is best if this does not have a lot of buckles, zippers or compartments, such as some backpacks do. Your child should bring this to school daily. Please check this daily for notes sent home and art projects.

Field Trips & Visitors
Field trips and visitors to the classroom will be used to broaden the children’s experiences and will coincide with themes or units taught. Parents are encouraged to share their special talents and occupations if they would be age-appropriate and understandable for children. Parents will be notified by newsletter and/or a notice on the outdoor board of upcoming trips. Permission slips for field trips must be signed and on file at school before your child will be allowed to participate in the field trips.