We are blessed to have an absolutely wonderful, colorful and child-friendly facility at New Life Assembly of God. We use several classrooms as well as the great outdoor play space. The Gymnasium is described below.

Music & Movement
We use the huge gymnasium for our music and movement activities. When the winter blahs get to us, it’s also nice to have a big place to run and get rid of that excess energy.
Sensory Tables
Each of the sensory tables are designed to help develop the child’s fine motor skills. Whether it’s through exploration and manipulation of popcorn or rice or snow or dirt, the children have an opportunity to learn with these hands-on tables.
Special Events
From time to time, we host special events for moms and dads to join their children. The Gymnasium makes a great place for us to entertain our mommies and daddies for Mom’s Coffees and Dad’s Night. Be sure to keep your eyes on the calendar for these important events.