Sonshine Patch Room Patch Room

We are blessed to have an absolutely wonderful, colorful and child-friendly facility at New Life Assembly of God. We use several classrooms as well as the great outdoor play space. The Sonshine Patch Room (Rooms #201-#202) is described below.

Opening Area
This is our main classroom and our day begins in this area. Here we have our opening time, a story, prayer time, and finger plays. The backdrop is replaced with an outdoor scene for our puppet introductions on Monday in the Getting Ready for Kindergarten class.
Creative Arts Area
Each day children join in a group art project. Many are open-ended and encourage exploration of various art media. Others are geared to teach listening skills and to follow simple directions in a group. At this time, we are also helping children with their fine motor tasks of holding a pencil correctly, printing their names, and using scissors appropriately. This area also doubles as a great snack area with a child-sized table. It gives plenty of room for any group cooking projects.
Free Art Area
During their free play time each day, children have the option to create at the free art area. Paper, markers, crayons, scissors and a variety of other materials encourage experimentation for budding young artists.
Trucks & Blocks
We have several different kinds of blocks for little builders, but the favorite has always been the large cardboard modular blocks. Trucks of all sizes: emergency vehicles, sports cars, construction vehicles, dump trucks and pick-up trucks are some of our caravan of vehicles in the truck area.
Our housekeeping area enables little “mommies” and “daddies” to interact with each other and their dolls.
Small Manipulative Area
Our small manipulative area contains many materials for children to develop eye and hand coordination skills. There are many floor and board puzzles, stringing beads, Duplos, attribute blocks, lacing cards, Lincoln log sets and other manipulative objects. Our marble run has always been a favorite toy.
Library Area
Our library changes each month from our huge collection of books. We also provide many audiobooks for our little friends to listen to.