Getting Ready for Kindergarten

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Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays @ 9:00 a.m. — 12:00 p.m.

The Getting Ready for Kindergarten class prepares children in readiness for kindergarten through use of Christian principles. It is a priority of our curriculum that learning about letters and other readiness skills be fun. All areas of our curriculum are using the puppet, its sound and its Christian concepts for the week. Math concepts may be taught while counting “appetizing apples” as they fall from a flannel board apple tree or comparing sizes while learning ordinal numbers. Songs, finger plays and stories about apples may be combined with apple printing as an art activity or making our own apple muffin snack in a cooking activity. In addition, a large variety of learning centers, each beginning with the letter for the week, are set up for the children to explore. These include many curriculum aspects such as science (i.e., learning about mold, magnets, magnifying glasses), sensory (i.e., playing in popcorn), motor coordination (i.e., trying to throw a beanbag in hanging overalls with Mr. O), fine motor (i.e., cutting out the letter E and gluing eggshells on it) and many more.

Loveable Letter Puppets

An integral part of this class is the unique “Lovable Letter Puppets.” Each letter of the alphabet has a huggable, furry puppet with a special feature that reinforces the sound of the letter. Each of the letter puppets is used in coordination with the preschool’s thematic method of teaching. For example, Lovable Letter Puppet R and her “red ribbons” compare the gifts we give to others to the precious gift God gave us in His Son, Jesus. Miss A and her “appetizing apples” teaches children to thank God for all He has given. Poor Mr. H had “happy hair” which made him fall in a hole and no one seemed to hear his call. He learns, along with the boys and girls, that Jesus always hears us and never forsakes us.