Socialization and Basic Skills

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Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 9:00 a.m. — 11:30 a.m.

Our Socialization and Basic skills class is an excellent introduction to school. It provides an important transitional step for children from the home environment to school. In a nurturing environment, providing love and attention for each child, children are guided through basic school skills. These include listening and following directions in a group, taking turns in play and speaking, making transitions in an orderly and positive fashion and generally achieving in a group setting.

Sharing God’s love is emphasized as a method of interacting through problems. We use positive reinforcement to encourage children to model Christ in their behavior (e.g., “I like the way you shared that toy with your friend. That is a good way to show God’s love to him and that makes Jesus happy”).  When children experience conflicts, we gently show them tools to deal more positively with situations  (e.g., “It made Kevin sad when you took that truck away from him. Maybe you could just ask him if you could play with it when he is finished. What do you think?”). This enables them to learn positive interaction for future issues instead of only the immediate situation.

A strong emphasis is placed on cognitive and listening skills as well as following directions in a group and as an individual. Oral language development and usage is stimulated through many fun activities, reinforcing learning and school as an enjoyable experience.

Children are encouraged to develop independence through self-help skills. Emphasis is placed on helping children learn to button, zip, and do for themselves what they are able with assistance as needed. This creates positive self-esteem in the child as they are empowered to be more independent.

Other skills are introduced through game situations, music and movement, finger plays, flannel board and art exploration. Both structured and free-choice activities are included in daily plans in a fun-filled, positive and stimulating atmosphere.